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Medical malpractice lawsuits have become one of the most commonly contested lawsuits involving medical professionals. Thousands of cases of medical malpractice are reported every year and many of them are resolved by asking the medical authority to pay huge damages. Medical malpractice is essentially a general term referring to any kind of action that causes some sort of damage to the patient. This could be physical, mental or purely financial.

Medical malpractice lawsuits cover a wide range of cases filed upon the basis of wrongful diagnosis/treatment or sheer, medical negligence. In this realm, psychologist malpractice lawsuits have been found be to be high in number. This is primarily because of the spurt in demand for mental healthcare professionals in the contemporary medical field. Some people might assume that medical negligence lawsuits can be filed against physicians only. However, medical malpractice has a very comprehensive application and any kind of healthcare professional who acts in a detrimental manner and harms the patient's well-being can be challenged with such a lawsuit. This includes the mental healthcare professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists. This also includes nurses, physical therapists and dentists. Malpractice lawsuits are commonly filed against the attending and referring physicians along with a wide range of healthcare professionals who are engaged in providing medical care to the patient. In many cases, the entire office of the physician, including the non-medical staff, has been slapped with medical malpractice lawsuits.

Thus, every kind of medical professional needs to equip himself with insurance to ensure that when faced with such malpractice lawsuits, there is some form of financial coverage. It should be understood that this form of litigation has been highly abused also. There are increasing cases wherein unwarranted charges have been brought upon a psychologist purely with intent to make a profit by seeking damages. Often, medical professionals who don't have any form of insurance when faced with malpractice lawsuits choose to settle out-of-court. This is purely done to contain the financial damages and secure their reputation from being tarnished.

The insurance providers have understood this vulnerability of the medical professionals. Hence, they now offer a range of solutions under the category of medical malpractice insurance-psychologist malpractice insurance is a prime example of this.
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